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Bar Mitzvah Catering

Do you have a Bar Mitzvah coming up in the near future? Let’s make it as memorable as can be by serving your guests a feast featuring traditional Mediterranean fare. Here at Shish Kabob House, we ease the catering process, guiding our customers through their selections and making it possible for them to relax throughout the process.

Our Bar Mitzvah Catering Services

It’s a special day for your child, so let’s make it fun while your guests honor traditional customs and celebrate this important event. Our staff has the background to deliver exceptional service, while our chef specializes in making Eastern Mediterranean dishes, including kabobs, baba ganoush, and dolma. We’ll assist you in crafting kosher-style dishes that meet the needs of your guests. We are confident that our Bar Mitzvah catering services will help to make this day special in memorable ways.

Bar Mitzvah Catering Choices

Our catering menu provides a varied selection of authentic Mediterranean dishes cooked with quality ingredients. The flavor we deliver is unbeatable, and your guests are sure to be pleased. Portion sizes are generous, and prices are affordable. Since we believe that presentation is one of the most important elements of a meal, our staff takes the time to create a beautiful display with each of your menu options.

While we do provide a standard catering menu, substitutions are sometimes permitted. However, the final cost per person is decided by the menu choices that you make as well as the total number of guests that you wish to serve.

Our Bar Mitzvah Catering Menu

Our catering choices span a wide range of traditional Middle Eastern dishes. Our appetizers include such delicacies as mutabel, eggplant caviar, and Tabuleh. We highly recommend our Greek salad, but we do offer other varieties for your dining pleasure. Of course, our entrees feature a delicious medley of kabobs made fresh from tender, marinated meats, chicken, and fish and served alongside a fragrant bed of rice. We do offer a small selection of desserts for your selection. If you’d like more options, please browse our website or give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist.

Customized Care & Service

Here at Shish Kabob House, we believe in delivering exceptional services at all times. Our focus is always on our customers and what they need. Our staff is well-trained in the catering process, enabling them to enjoy their event from start to finish. As part of our service, we offer affordable prices, allowing us to meet the budgetary needs of our customers.

For more details related to our Bar Mitzvah catering services, please call us today at 1 (702) 643-5454. If you call during normal business hours, someone will be available to speak with you right away.

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